Why You Should Never Buy MLM Leads

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http://www.WealthWithRachel.com – We all know the story. Sally joins an MLM company. She talks to all of her friends and family. Maybe signs up a few people. Sally has nobody left to talk to, so she enthusiastically decides to buy MLM leads. But her passion is short lived, let me tell you why…
Unfortunately as Network Marketers, we probably all resort to buying MLM leads at some point in our career. However, if you are looking to break into the 21st century, you’ll learn very quickly how absolutely INEFFECTIVE this method truly is.
Today I’m going to give you three reasons why you MUST resist the urge to buy MLM leads and why you will want to detract your team from making this horrible mistake.
1. MLM Leads are Generic The quality of most MLM leads are extremely low. Not only do they fill out the form on a whim, but often it is misleading because it sounds more like “Working from home” in a job-sense and they are not at all interested in starting a business.
Very few prospects from MLM leads have capital to invest in a business. Many are on Social Security Disability income and are barely making it paycheck to paycheck. I am not discriminating against these people, but we all know it takes capital to start a business.
When you buy MLM leads and call them, you are a telemarketer: Plain and simple. They are resistant, skeptical and not looking for responsibility or putting in any effort in an business.
2. MLM Leads are Recycled Certainly lead companies have to make their profits. But you would most likely be sickened if you know to the extent how much these prospect’s information was recycled. Often times, peoples names will be sold 10 times, so by the time you reach them, they are pissed off and not extremely excited to hear from you.
3. You Can Create Your Own Why would you want to create your own leads if you could just buy them? Just to name a few reasons: It’s cheaper, easier, produces 10x more targeted leads, AND these people are pre-qualified and often are already SOLD on what you are selling. When you figure out how to market to a specific subset of people, that’s when you can create the most targeted leads.
I hate seeing people spend their hard earned money to buy MLM leads who haven’t even asked for what you have to offer. Imagine a specific person, filling out a form, requesting more information on YOUR exact business and compensation.
With the proper marketing funnel your business will EXPLODE due to the quality of people you are getting in front of.

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