Why Calling Network Marketing Leads From Social Media Is Essential

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So, today I got a question from a team member and each and every time I get a question, I know several other people have the same question!
What was the question? Why do I need to call my Facebook, Craigslist, and LinkedIn leads right away?
Do you ever wonder this as well? Well, here is the biggest reasons why.

Call Network Marketing Leads? (H2 headline)

So why call? Why not just message? Doesn’t it seem so much easier to do this?
Easier or more effective, that is the question.
The reason you don’t want to call usually is FEAR. Lets get you out of that. But if it’s just something else and you want to know why you should call – here you go.
Here are the top reasons
1. You need to get them to like you. Think about it. If they would be just buying your company, then your company wouldn’t need you. You need to get on the phone so they can feel your energy! They join not because the product or even the opportunity. They join because of YOU. The product or opportunity GENERALLY just gives them legitimacy to join you.
Bottom Line Is, If They Don’t Like You, They Will Not Join You!
2. You are going to be spending a lot of time with them when they join. So, you need to make sure they are a person you want to spend a ton of time with. I always ask myself, do I want to go on a cruise with this person. Remember, we work with those who we want to work with. I want to make sure of that.
3. It is impossible to overcome objections via social media. You need to get on the phone with them, BOTTOM LINE to be able to close them into your business.
4. How do you know they get on the video? Get on the phone with them and push them to the video. That way you know they get on the video.
5. Lastly, this is a business! What do you think you need to do in order to treat it like a business? What business do you know of that you don’t meet on the phone or in person!

I hope this helped a bunch today!

Here is a video all about Network Marketing Leads & making phone calls to them!


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