Where To Get The BEST Network Marketing Leads (with Lena Bjorna)

network marketing

Not all lead sources will produce the same QUALITY of
network marketing leads.

It’s not my intention to make this all more complex than it needs to be, but there are simply certain things you need to understand about
network marketing leads in order to build a profitable business… And to have a basic understanding of the various lead sources is one such thing.

Sources Of Network Marketing Leads

When we talk about leads being “high quality” or “qualified”, we mean that they’re targeted. In other words, we’re referring to their level of readiness to buy your particular product or service. And how sales ready your
network marketing leads are is determined by at least 2 things:

1.) How actively they were looking for your your product or service.

2.) How much they like and trust you.

As an example, if you rent a list of
network marketing leads that belongs to some other person, and these prospects are folks that are looking for a nutrition based opportunity, yet you promote a travel business to them, and on top of that they don’t like or trust you because they know nothing about you, well, those
network marketing leads won’t be very sales ready… ;)

What are the most qualified
network marketing leads?

The reason network marketing leads produced by SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are so high quality is exactly because —

1.) They were specifically looking for a product or service like yours (they were typing in keywords on Google pertaining to your offer when your blog, video, article or other piece of content was displayed on the page).

2.) The fact that you’re ranking in the organic listings builds trust right off the bat.

Believe me, the person doing the Google search knows the difference between a sponsored ad and a natural, organic listing. And in their mind, even if it’s only at a subconscious level, an ad means someone’s trying to sell them something whereas an organic listing means Google recommends something.

(I.e. Google regards a particular piece of content as relevant enough to rank it in the search results.)

This is why with an organic listing you can so easily build trust with your network marketing leads.


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