Where to Find The Best MLM Leads

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More info on where to find the best MLM leads at: http://www.ToddAndLeahRae.com/where-to-find-the-best-mlm-leads

If there is one thing that will sink or save your business, it’s Network Marketing leads. Everyone wonders how to get MLM leads. It’s a huge search term on Google.

Potential leads for your business are everywhere. Generating MLM leads is a skill that you learn. You just need to know what to do and what to say. You need to know how to break the ice and how to ask the right questions. But getting a phone number for an MLM lead comes down to one line, “Do you keep your options open to making any money outside of (whatever their job is)”

One great source for some of the best MLM leads is “Prospecting Professionals”. Professionals make some of the best recruits, but you need to know what kind of professionals to target. Find people who work in professions that require skills that will make them successful Network Marketers. Think of people who work on commission for a good start.

Networking events are a way to get very targeted MLM leads. Find classes, groups, clubs, trade shows, etc. that are related to your niche. A great place to find these is a website called “MeetUp”.

All of these sources for MLM leads can produce some great recruits, but the problem is that it takes a lot of work to generate these types of MLM leads and you need to speak to hundreds of people just to get a few sign ups.

Purchased MLM leads are often what people turn to when they’ve become frustrated with other lead generation techniques. What people quickly find out is that no matter how much you pay for purchased MLM leads, they all tend to be pretty low quality.

So, for those who have become frustrated with purchased MLM leads, the next question becomes, “where do I find high quality MLM leads”?

Where we have found the best MLM leads is on social media. Two reasons why this MLM lead source is a great fit for many people is because it is highly leveraged (you can reach hundreds, if not thousands of people every day with your efforts) and it is also very targeted (you can target people by demographics and interests).

0:35 – MLM leads are everywhere!
1:04 – What to say to turn someone into an MLM lead
1:26 – Some of the best MLM leads come through “Prospecting Professionals”
2:10 – Networking events are another great source for MLM leads
3:01 – The downside of most sources for MLM leads
3:55 – Many Network Marketers turn to Purchased MLM Leads
4:46 – Where we get high quality MLM leads
5:54 – Targeting people who would be the best MLM leads
6:38 – Where to learn more about getting the best MLM leads

Check out this blog post for more information: http://www.ToddAndLeahRae.com/where-to-find-the-best-mlm-leads

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