Warm Market Prospecting Tips That Can Help Grow Your MLM

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Warm Market Prospecting Tips That Can Help Grow Your MLM


I’m sure you’ve gotten your fair share of warm market prospecting tips from your upline. Like many you may still be searching for that magic script or the exact words that will get your friends and family as excited as you are about your network marketing business. Why do I say this? Well for starters I am familiar with the standard training that just about every network marketer out there receives. Secondly one of the things I’m asked most frequently is, how do I get my warm market to not only take me seriously, but to join my business? In today’s video I discuss what I feel is so often the missing piece of the puzzle.

Effective Warm Market Prospecting

Effective prospecting starts with confidence and belief. Why is it that some people join a network marketing company and start crushing it immediately, tell everyone exactly what they are saying, and those people can’t seem to get the same results? Because the successful networker beliefs whole heartedly in 3 things.

1). They believe in the company and product: It takes a slick sales person to successfully sell something they don’t believe in, and an even slicker one to get people joining an opportunity the seller doesn’t believe can benefit them. Most of us aren’t slick sales people, and quite frankly don’t want to be. Belief in your company and product is a prerequisite for effective warm market prospecting.

2). They believe in the industry: Let’s face it…our industry is misunderstood by many. To successfully share your product or opportunity you’re belief in the industry must be stronger than the skepticism you will undoubtedly meet.

3). They believe in themselves: Successful network marketers either believe they are going to the top the moment they join, or build that belief (before they start seeing results). If you want more people to take a serious look at your company, and furthermore join you….ask yourself, am do I believe I’m taking this thing all the way?

Now I know what you’re thinking. But Justice….what do I say? I’m telling you right now…what you say is 10 times less important than what you believe. If you really want to recruit more people from your warm market, watch this short video on warm market prospecting and you’ll understand exactly what I’m talking about

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Warm Market Prospecting Tips That Can Help Grow Your MLM

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