Using Facebook for MLM Prospecting – MLM Prospecting Mistake to Avoid

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Using Facebook for MLM prospecting is really quite simple. MLM prospecting is not spamming your link to everyone.

Learn exactly how I bring new people into my warm market prospecting my MLM on Facebook.

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1:23 Don’t Do It
1:53 How to Get Eyes on Presentations

MLM prospecting using Facebook is one of the best way possible to get eyeballs on presentations. It’s as simply as starting conversations, asking a few qualifying questions then, getting your prospect on the phone if they qualify.

Before I learned to prospect my home business on Facebook, I was sharing my links with everyone. I was doing exactly what my upline had told me to do… you know…

Handing out information, emailing links, posting them on Facebook, messaging friends and family, and on and on.

You understand exactly what I’m saying don’t you?

I was feed up with 3 way calls no one answered, home meetings no one showed up to… I was tired of wasting my time and being away from my family. After all… the whole reason I got into network marketing was to spend more time with my family.

I knew you could prospect for your MLM using Facebook. So I found some people who were doing it and I began modeling them. I just did what they did, or at least what they told me they were doing :)

The first thing I began to notice was that it was a lot of work. YEAH… it took me at least an hour a day. BUT…

That was less time than it took me to get to most home meetings. It was easier than setting up a trade booth, or distributing flyers at the local market.

Since applying myself I’ve learned how easy meeting, connecting, and prospecting for my MLM using Facebook really is.

The best part is, I’m now comfortable with the process, am building my network daily, and I’m sponsoring reps into my business weekly.

You can be doing the same thing I’m doing, and it has nothing to do with sending your link to anyone. Watch the video if you haven’t already.

The first step you will want to take is learning how to really meet people on Facebook, add friends the right way, and begin to build relationships.

You can do this as you’ll see in the FREE training I’m giving you…

using your current list of friends, your personal newsfeed, and you Facebook business page.

Using Facebook to prospect for your MLM is something that happens once you understand the basic principles of attraction marketing.

MLM prospecting on Facebook is the last thing you’re gonna learn, and should be the final step only after building rapport.

Once you’ve built rapport…

then and only then will you “prospect” someone.

The name of the game here is to ask the right questions then ask if their open. Once they say yes… you goal is now to capture the prospects phone number. You want to get them on the phone before you send them you link.

This way you can make sure they see it, get their questions answered, then get a decision.

If they’re hesitant about that, ask if they have 20 minutes since they’re in front of their computer right now?

Then you may send your link and stay in conversation with them, get their questions answered and ask for the decision that way…


I find getting them on the phone helps you eliminate curious people, and only talk to serious people. It’s also much easier to maintain control of the conversation and ask for their business.

What do you think?

Since you already know you have to get eyes on presentations, you might as well take advantage of this opportunity and get your free training.

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See you on the other side,

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0:46 Facebook Prospecting Tip
1:23 Don’t Do It
1:53 How to Get Eyes on Presentations

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