Top MLM Leads Secrets – Day 3 – MLM Traffic, Traffic, Traffic!!!

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Top MLM Leads Secrets – Day 3 – MLM Traffic, Traffic, Traffic!!!

Welcome to Day 3 of our MLM Leads Boot Camp. If you missed Day 1 & Day 2, make sure to check it out now:

Day 1 of the MLM Leads Bootcamp:
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So if you’re on this page you are trying to figure out what is the best source for getting more MLM Leads for your home based business. Yesterday we discussed the concept of a Sales Funnel and how to incorporate a Capture Page into your business. Today we are going to cover the beginning of the funnel, traffic!

MLM Traffic is how you are going to get eyeballs on your capture pages. Now that you have a highly converting capture page, we are going to start to work on some mlm traffic strategies to get viewers to your capture page. We talked about the mlm capture pages first because you need one up in order to start driving mlm traffic. But now that you have a capture page up, it is useless if no one sees it. When we talked about the sales funnel we said that this business and this concept is very simple, the more people you get into the top of your sales funnel, the more customers and buyers you will have come out at the bottom of the funnel. Now there are ways to convert more people from mlm traffic to mlm leads, and from leads into buyers…there is some skill involved, but overall if you have more traffic to a capture page that converts, you will make more money than someone that has little to no traffic. Traffic is the beginning and end of your business and you need to figure out how to drive massive amount of traffic to your capture page if you want to start to see results and sales.

MLM Leads – The Top of The Sales Funnel – MLM Traffic!

Just a quick reminder from Day 2, you need a good capture page before you start working on traffic strategies. If you’re not sure how to make your own capture pages, you’re not alone. There are two options, 1. Is hire a designer which will cost you a boatload of money, or 2. Join a lead system to generate as many capture pages as we want in less than 5 minutes.

Back to Traffic, there are hundreds of forms of MLM Traffic out there: Blogging, Video Marketing, SEO, Facebook, Facebook PPC, Bing PPC, PPV, Webinars, Solo Ads, and Mobile Marketing to name a few. The goal here is not to try and master all of these traffic strategies at once. In fact that is the biggest mistake by 95% of Network Marketers, they try to do it all and what you will find is that the successful marketers master a strategy to the point where they can teach it to others and then they move on and learn a new strategy. Unfortunately most people get caught up looking for the Silver Bullet and a new training product comes out that everyone thinks is going to be -The One- that makes them 7 Figures. Every marketing strategy that we mentioned above has the potential to make you a 6 or 7 Figures in this business, but only if you commit to one and master it before moving onto another one.

Now there are some strategies that are hotter than others depending on the time that you are implementing it. For example from 2005-2008 Google PPC was awesome!!! People were getting leads for a couple of pennies and making a fortune because the traffic was so cheap! Unfortunately Google made a decision to ban almost all home based business ads so Google PPC is no longer a profitable option. Facebook PPC has been hot and continues to be a great strategy. If you got into Facebook PPC 3 years ago you’re killing it right now, but as of late it is getting more and more competitive and cost is going up for that reason. Also Mr. Zuckerberg consistently updates what it takes to get an ad approved and it can be very frustrating and expensive to a new marketer.

In the video below we will talk about the #1 Traffic Strategy we are using right now that brought us from Generating only 23 leads 2 months ago to generating over 420 leads this past month and we are on pace to generating over 900 leads this month.

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