Top 10 MLM Prospecting Questions

network marketing – Top 10 MLM Prospecting Questions To Ask When Recruiting and How To Sponsor Endless MLM Prospects… For FREE!

Top 10 MLM Prospecting Questions To Ask For Better Recruiting Results

The key to building a Successful Network Marketing business is to focus on 3 main area’s:

– Personal Growth
– Recruiting
– Duplication

In this article, our focus is going to be on Recruiting and more specifically, teaching you my
Top 7 MLM Prospecting Questions that I use to recruit new prospects each month and how
you can begin using them as well to build your Network Marketing business and become
a great recruiter as well!

Great recruiters are ALWAYS asking questions. So you want to really focus on asking more
questions when talking to prospects vs. “telling” or “selling”. And not just asking any
questions, but asking the RIGHT questions.

MLM Prospecting Questions: Why Ask?

You want to find out as much about the other person as you can… for several reasons…

First off asking the right questions shows you care! People don’t care how much you know,
they want to know how much you care! Network Marketing is a people helping people business
so show you care.

And second, by asking the right questions, you can help your prospect to possibly expose some
truth about themselves that they might be avoiding or hiding that can be a big reason for things
not being as they should in their life… or even worse, holding them back.

Let me give my Top 10 MLM Prospecting Questions and at the end, I’ll break down a bit more
behind the reasons why, “Asking the right questions will help you become a top recruiter.”

Top 10 MLM Prospecting Questions Revealed
(not in any particular order)

1. Do you keep your options open to making money outside of what you are currently doing?

2. If I could show you a way to earn extra income and not stop what you doing, would you be open to taking a look?

3. Is there anything that you would like to do or accomplish; that, because of your current situation, you are not able to do?

4. What’s got you looking?

5. Do you have any other source of income right now?

6. How would an extra ,500 – ,000 per month help?

7. I understand this is not for you at this time… but “Who do you know” that would like to know more and that making more money would help?

MLM Prospecting Questions – Overview

Now, these are only 10 MLM Prospecting Questions and each one can be used in different situations.
But what I really want you to remember here is this…

Don’t just always be trying to “sell” your prospect on “Getting in your deal”. To be quite honest… It doesn’t matter what company
you are with or what product you promote! People get involved because they see an opportunity to fill a void in their life. (now I’m
not saying there is not a time when the products do matter… and people join because they got a result from it and want to share
it with others… I do know products and companies matter…) But here’s my point:

People do not join a company, share the product and opportunity with others just to be doing something… they get involved to
make money! And when prospecting and talking with people, ask questions that make them think… how much better life could be,
help them to see that the goals, dreams and desires they have ARE within reach and achievable. Let them know you care and are
there to help them to do so and care about their success! (Who wouldn’t right? I mean, the only way for you to make money in
your Network Marketing business is if the people below you are moving product and making money… RIGHT?)

Get great at asking the right questions when talking to your prospects, talk to 15-20 people a day, teach others in your business
to do the same and you will build a business that will not only pay you in big way now… but for years and years to come.

Buster Carter
Skype: buster_carter

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