The Top 8 Recruiting Mistakes made by Network Marketing distributors in 2017

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The 8 Top Network Marketing Recruiting Mistakes being made in 2017

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“Nobody on the planet understand lead generation and the network marketing recruiting process like Dale Calvert” Lori Granger

In this weeks live NO Fluff Online training Dale will share with you the Top 8 Recruiting Mistakes that are being made by network marketing leaders in virtually every company and How to Avoid them.

WARNING: This training will call out what many feel are best practices in network marketing today. The goal of this free, no pitch online training is to help you save time, and money while focusing on the activities that can move your business forward right now.

*** Turn your camera on your computer on and your microphone if you want to and Dale will answer your questions live on air***

” I understand that many of the 8 mistakes I am going to call out are highly promoted today by many self proclaimed gurus and those that simply don’t know any better” I want to make sure that each of these mistakes are clarified at whatever level they need to be so as a profession we do not continue to take actions that only create stagnation in individuals business and the profession as a whole”

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