The secret to getting high quality Network marketing leads

network marketing

If you want to earn a nice 0,000 a year passive income – be prepared to personally sponsor and recruit at least 100 new distributors.

Which means, of course, you will to make approximately 2,000 presentations and this might require generating at least 20,000 fresh network marketing leads just to find 2,000 or more who are interested enough to a take a closer look.

Want to make 0k a year? Be prepared to personally sign up 300.

Network Marketing Leads Prosperity

Lead prosperity leads to prosperity.

And that’s the magic of learning how to generate your own “network marketing leads” and teaching your team to do the same thing – you start to enjoy the benefits of lead prosperity!

Because if you make enough presentations over time you absolutely can and will build an incredibly successful business.

Network Marketing Leads are Not Create Equal

As you may or may not know, I own and control and have access to over ONE MILLION network marketing leads per month. But here’s the deal…

I personally do not use these leads in any way, shape or form to build my businesses.


Because it is much more cost effective and profitable to generate your own high quality leads by leading with a variety of “funded proposals” and/or by any number of “attraction marketing” methods where you LEAD WITH tools, training and personal branding campaigns that do most (if not all) of the heavy sifting, sorting and pre-qualifying for you.

See if you go pick up a few hundred network marketing leads from my site, you’ll be given the choice to a few pennies per lead or a few dollars per lead.

A few pennies will get you a number of “co-registration” leads which were generated by offering something FREE in exchange for a persons information… or, as they were opting out of another newsletter, they were presented with a highly intriguing money making ad and they checked a box to get more information. These are the lowest of low quality leads and they are sold many DOZENS, if not hundreds of times because all lead brokers have access to the same pile of leads each month. So while I may sell them only three times… so does each of the other major lead brokers.

So the bottom line is you will spend a lot of time, energy and money simply to purchase tens of thousands of these types of leads to produce even a tiny result.

Then we have true “network marketing leads” which are really nothing more than generic business opportunity seeker leads. In other words, they were presented with a generic business opportunity style ad that might have read something like this:

“Discover How to Make 0 to 00 Per Month Working from Home Using Your Computer. No experience necessary. Will train.”

See anything there about network marketing? How about the cost of starting a home business? Any qualifiers at all?

So again, though you might have spend a few dollars EACH for this type of lead… you still really have nothing more than a name, email and phone number of someone who raised their hand to indicate they MIGHT be interested in learning more about making a few extra dollars. So you will, again, find yourself spending a lot of time and energy SORTING and QUALIFYING.

Personally, I don’t ever use these types of leads because the time and effort involved to sift, sort and qualify is simply not worth the effort.

Company Specific Network Marketing Leads

If you want to purchase network marketing leads for you and your team the best leads are live, company specific leads.

In this case the lead broker will work with you to create a company/product specific web page or ad. So while you can expect to pay upwards of (or more) for this type of lead… you will often enjoy much greater success because the prospect has at least been semi-qualified in the sense they know a little about the types of products and that the opportunity is a mlm program.

These leads are also sold three to six times so you’ll want spend the big bucks to get LIVE LEADS and follow up immediately.

Self Generated Network Marketing Leads

Perhaps the best way to build your business fast is to start generating your own network marketing leads and by teaching your team to do the same thing.

In the long run this strategy will take you much further, much faster. Because you will have the opportunity to sift, soft, qualify and even brand yourself as the leader people are looking for along the way.

Done properly, you can create a lead generation system that does ALL of the heavy lifting and even spits out a few dozen affiliate checks along the way in addition to attracting more leaders to join your team.

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