The Fastest Way to Build a Large Network Marketing Downline

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The Fastest Way to Build a Large Network Marketing Downline

Notice that I said the fastest way to build a large network marketing downline, and not the only way. In this era of social media and advancement on the internet, there are literally thousands of ways to build your network marketing team.

Social media, article marketing, blogging, video marketing-there’s something there for everyone. But the marketing strategy is not where most network marketing reps fail to hit the mark.

Instead, where most in network marketing typically fall short is in who they choose to target in building their downline. What most are taught to do is make a list of everyone they know, and reach out to all of them.

They get taught to talk to anyone who comes within three feet of them about their network marketing business. And when those two strategies flop, many are taught to find a leads list broker online to purchase leads from.

And I would never suggest that those methods of network marketing team building don’t work at all, but what I will say is that they are certainly not effective for everyone. Many in our industry have burnt out their warm markets by jumping from company to company, and talking to their friends and family about each and every opportunity.

So their friends and family just may not believe in their stability as a business owner. or, they may not have had any business credibility to start with. It’s hard for your friends and family to see you as a business owner when the day before, you were cooking fries at McDonald’s.

I can remember going to shopping malls, IKEA’s and Barnes & Noble’s for the sole purpose of contacting new prospects for my network marketing business. And I hated every second of it, even though I had some moderate success doing it. But for the average person, you might as well be asking them to walk barefoot across hot coals.

When it comes to buying leads, what I’ve typically seen is that opportunity seekers either don’t remember filling out the information on the site they found online to express interest, or the contact information is outdated. So in order to generate success with this particular network marketing strategy, you have to invest in such large lead lists that the average networker just doesn’t have the budget to pay for.

Plus, let’s be brutally honest here, the average person would rather eat a jar of live bugs than cold call leads. Wouldn’t it be great if you could figure out a way to turn the tables, and have network marketing leads calling you? to go from being the hunter to being the hunted?

Not only is this what I teach to my own network marketing team, and to my coaching clients, but I also reveal to them the fastest way to build a large network marketing downline. Are you ready to learn the dirty little secret?

It’s actually pretty simple, and it’s also the strategy that’s used by the majority of the top earning network marketing leaders that you see out in the marketplace. In order to build it big and fast…

Focus all of your time, effort and energy on recruiting people who are already involved in network marketing! Think about it for a second-if you were the owner of an NFL football franchise, would you focus most of your effort and energy into bringing in rookies, or would you build the base of your franchise around veteran players?

Veterans who already have the skills and experience necessary to do the job you’re paying them to do? And, when you do bring in rookies, wouldn’t it make you more comfortable to have veteran players who can help bring your rookies up to speed on how things work in your team?

The cold hard truth is, most network marketers aren’t making any real money with their business. They don’t know how to generate leads, and unfortunately, neither does their upline. Without the skill to generate leads, it’s next to impossible to generate new reps or customers into your business.

Since they’re not making any real money, most network marketers are open to looking at another opportunity, if they think that it can provide them with a better chance for success than what they’re already doing.

Google, YouTube and Facebook are the three most heavily trafficked websites in the world. My business centers around teaching those on my team, as well as my network marketing coaching clients, how to use active prospecting and passive marketing to hit their target market, and generate an endless supply of leads and reps for their business.

That’s why I created this free video training, that reveals the underground secret weapon to surgically inject more leads, more reps and more cash into your network marketing business, starting today. You can get access to that training here:

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