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network marketing
Network Marketing
The best place to get network marketing leads is not what you might think. Despite what your sponsor might have told you, friends, family and aquaintenances are not the best option as leads, and have led to countless hours of frustration and wasted time.

Family, friends and aquaintenances are a good place to start as it gives you an opportunity to practice your pitching, and some have done very well, but just because you have a relationship with them has no bearing on the fact that they might have an interest in your business. And the facts speak for themselves as statistically only about 3% of those that get into network marketing are successful using old school strategies.

The most you can hope for, is to generate the odd sale and maybe sign a few up into your network marketing business; beyond that it is pure speculation, because most of them will be off your product and gone from your network marketing business in a few months. But if it works for you, and it does for some, stick with it, but add to it the strategies that I will share at the end of my video and your business will go golden.

Network Marketing

Another option that might appear viable is to buy leads. Don’t fall for the hype on the Internet for ads on hot focused leads. All Internet leads are a total waste of time and money, many of the supposedly hottest leads don’t know how they got on the list, and they won’t answer your follow up calls. I know from personal experience.

Well, where does that leave you? Unless you are into paid advertising and many do quite well with that, your only option is to pitch cold leads. That means stalking mall or hanging out in gas stations, any place where leads might be. Remember it is leads that you need, large numbers of them, the more the better, or you’re out of business. Without leads in fact you don’t have a network marketing business.

And as 25 to 40% of us are introverted and shy away from pain and are drawn toward pleasure, pitching cold leads put us in a real stressful situation.

It is at this point in time, usually 6 to 9 months after we excitedly sign up that we are out of business and join the ranks of the disillusioned network marketers.

All is not lost; there is perhaps a fourth option that bears looking at. This option has been around for a while, but is new to many in network marketing, as you can tell by all of the pitching that is present on the Internet.

I came upon Attraction marketing relatively recently and I must say it turned the way I do my marketing completely around. Attraction marketing means offering value to your prospect, this draws them to you as they see the value that you have to offer them. The system is based on the strategy of offering great value and in so doing you get in return, hot focused leads that want what you have. It is a strategy that leverages the Internet as a lead generating tool and it works for you 24/7, even when you are asleep.

Network Marketing

For a test run click on the link at the top of this description and just below my video. Put aside all distractions and listen to a presentation on a system that not only generates focused leads to your marketing niche, but also has phenomenal training and support for your network marketing business.

0:30 – Network Marketing Leads – Leads are the name of the game.
1:00 – Network Marketing Leads – To get the best bang for your buck get leads to do what you want them to do.
1:30 – Network Marketing Leads – This can be a very frustrating experience.
2:00 – Network Marketing Leads – Only about 3% of marketers do very well at network marketing.
2:30 – Network Marketing Leads – These leads are advertised as being hot focused leads.
3:00 – Network Marketing Leads – Are usually left as your last option because you have run out of your warm market.
3:30 – Network Marketing Leads – By pitching cold leads many marketers have done quite well.
4:00 – Network Marketing Leads – Most marketers have not been doing this because they have not been told.
4:30 – Network Marketing Leads – How would you like to wake-up every morning with 5 to 10 leads.
5:00 – Network Marketing Leads – With the training and support with this option it really makes a difference.
5:30 – Network Marketing Leads – Click on that link and it will take you to a great presentation.

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