Social Emailer Pro Review = 1,400+ Targeted MLM Leads!

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Social Emailer Pro Review – How I Got Over 1,400 Targeted MLM / Network Marketing
Leads! See exactly how this software works at

First ask yourself 3 Questions…

1. How would you like to quickly and easily build a list of thousands of targeted Linkedin leads and prospects
without having a blog, landing page or squeeze page?

With this software you can easily target and build a huge list of whatever target you are
going after. For example you could easily target reps/distributors from specific companies
like Visalus, Organo Gold, 5Linx, ACN, Amway, Mary Kay, Wake Up Now, World Venturs,
DS Domination, Legal Shield or Isagenix just to name a few.

Or you could target and build a huge list of non MLM prospects like Realtor, Real Estate
Investors, Insurance Agents, Business Owners, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists,
Doctors, Lawyers, Dentists, Sales Managers, CEO, Vice Presidents, and the list goes on.

2. How would you like to send direct messages to your target market with 2 – 5 times the
click through rates as traditional email marketing?

With this system its easy to automatically send your new connections a message that
directs them to your company website, blog, Facebook page or even your phone #.

3. How would you like to send geo targeted and keyword driven messages to your target
markets email boxes?

Check out the Social Emailer Pro Software Demo at

Here are my results using when using a free Linkedin account with the Social
Emailer Pro software.

The goal was to create a targeted list of MLM & Network Marketing leads. Please note,
I spent a total of about 1 hour to get these results and Linkedin leads.

– I added over 1,400 targeted MLM / Network Marketing connections to my Linkedin account

– Over 100 of the new Linkedin leads have contacted me directly via email with over half of
them wanting to setup an introductory call.

I did have one technical question along the way so I emailed the guy who built the software
and he responded right away and answered my question. This was huge that the owner
and developer of the software took the time to respond to me and then even called me to
make sure my questions was answered!

So as you can see I am obviously a fan of Social Emailer Pro and for good reason. Leads
are the life blood of any successful business and with this software anyone can have
unlimited Linkedin leads at their finger tips.

For more info on how to generated targeted Linkedin Leads and Youtube Leads for your
business…go to

To your success!

Dennis Brown

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