Secrets To Free Network Marketing Leads

network marketing

When people delve into online MLM, frequently the first thing they are looking to do is generate free network marketing leads. But what are the most effective ways vs. ones that are all hype?

There are tons of techniqes that supposed gurus spout out and some of them are very effective at getting free network marketing leads. Things like video marketing, social media marketing, forum marketing are all effective.

However, one method of getting free network marketing leads that has been around for years, and is still extremely effective is article marketing. Especially when combined with other techniqes that we talked about above. Here is a real life example of this in action.

One great way that article marketing to get free network marketing leads is to include links in your resource box to your own website. You can have these links lead to your main marketing website, lead capture page, or to your blog, and this is an awesome way to get backlinks to your websites.

Furthermore, webmasters frequently visit article directories and will borrow your content in whole for re-publishing on their website. That is actually the real purpose behind websites like that. However, when they do grab your content, they are required to take your resource box along with them, and your links go with that article as well, which helps even further in your attempt to get free network marketing leads.

As your links propogate around the internet in this manner, this generates something known as backlinks to your website, making your content appear more relevant in the search engines, again, helping you get even more people to your website for free network marketing leads.

One interesting twist I saw the other day with this involves the combination of article marketing and social media to get free network marketing leads. A webmaster had gone onto an article directory and grabbed one of my articles. Then I happened to be on twitter and this same webmaster was making tweets about the the …

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