Prospecting multi level marketing, network marketing, MLM Prospecting 101 by Tene Williams

network marketing What is MLM Prospecting?
According to Webster’s Dictionary, prospecting is looking for gold. That is a good definition of MLM Prospecting, as you always want to strike gold in your business. Just like gold, MLM Success runs in veins in your group, and you must mine the veins continually.

If you really think about it, Network Marketing prospecting is simply the tactics and strategies of finding people to talk to about your business. Plain and simple. It is not rocket science. Talking to people is what we get paid for, and what we do for a living. Talking to people is imperative, so you must find folks to share your story with.

Prospecting is one of those activities that you MUST practice daily, or you will find that you end up like 90% of all Network Marketing folks:

You run out of people to talk to, and thusly, run out of this MLM business saying that it does not work. This business DOES work, if you have people to continually share your products and business with, and do it effectively.

There are 4 steps to MLM Prospecting that have proven to be effective over the years, and we have taught this Prospecting path for years. We all like sequential path to travel, as that is how we live life. This Path of Network Marketing Prospecting you need to travel to insure that you work the prospect correctly, and understand that prospecting IS a process, not a one time event. MLM Prospecting, if done right, can yield a lot of names, and you can have a lot of people looking at your business all at once.

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