Overcoming the Fear of Prospecting in MLM Recruiting

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Network Marketing training by Simon Chan on how to overcome the fear of mlm recruiting.

Have you ever been afraid to call a prospect?

This training will teach you how to overcome those fears. This is an excerpt from MLM Nation Insider’e weekly member training

What to do if a friend is already a customer already (:05)

The REAL COST of doing a MLM business and Why you must contact the people you know ASAP (1:33)

The 1 big aha moment at Simon’s first convention in 2004 that turned his prospecting already

How to Prevent Procrastination when You’re Prospecting (3:00)

Don’t Let Your Past Determine Your Present Prospect (5:00)

Danger of Prejudging Your Prospects (5:30)

Deadly Prospecting Mistake #1: Trying to Convince Everyone to Join or Buy (5:21)

How to Keep The Invite and Approach Simple So You Get Duplication (7:15)

Why You Should Invite Someone to a Phone Call or Video Before Meeting (10:50)

How Do I Overcome the Fear of Prospecting (13:18)

The Self Talk That Will Increase Your Confidence in Prospecting (18:00)

How To Prospect Doctors with Health Products (25:20)

How to Prevent a Negative Prospect from Ruining Your Presentation (31:30)

Importance of Getting Your Downline to Convention (36:22)

If you more of this training, go to http://www.MLMNation.net/insider

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