Online MLM Prospecting Tips | How To Get Your Prospects Attention Online

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Online MLM Prospecting Tips | How To Get Your Prospects Attention Online

Hey there, Justice Eagan here. Excited you landed on this video. I’m curious, have you ever wished that your prospects online mlm, your audience, the people that you want to share your product, service, or opportunity with, would pay more attention to you? That you could grab their attention, and that you could move them in one direction or another, maybe get them to raise their hand to identify themselves as an interested party? Well, stick around for this video, because I’m going to share with you three ways to get your online mlm prospecting attention.
It’s a noisy marketplace out there. If you’re out there on social media, you know the deal. There is no shortage of people yelling from the rooftops about what it is they have to offer. The real question is, how do you differentiate yourself from that group, stand out from the crowd, and actually have the right people start recognizing you, start seeing you, start hearing you, and actually start moving towards you, so that eventually you can expose them to what it is that you have to offer that can help them with online mlm.
The first step in doing that is meeting them where they’re at. So often, people come in the marketplace with an agenda. The agenda is online mlm, “This is what I want to sell. This is what I want to train on. This is what I want to promote. This is what I want people to get or understand.” It’s us pushing our agenda into the marketplace. The reality is that your prospects, they have problems, they have pains, they have wants, needs, desires. They have a conversation that is already going on inside their head that’s keeping them up at night, that’s keeping them distracted when they’re around their kids, that’s keeping them from being present around their spouse. Something that needs solution, right? Something that they need to fix. That is where you need to meet your mlm prospects in your communication. Instead of trying to fix fit your agenda what it is you think the marketplace wants from you into fit the square peg in the round hole, what you have to do is really understand what your prospect is, what their problems are, what their pains are, and meet them at that place. Same thing with warm market prospecting. It’s really no different. You can’t offer someone a solution to a problem they don’t realize they have. You have to meet them where they’re at when it comes to their problem.
The next thing I’ll tell you when it comes to online mlm, social media, e-mails, videos, whatever it is, is make sure that you’re speaking your language, and not necessarily their language. A lot of times, we’ve got these ideas of what things mean. They mean certain things to us, but it doesn’t mean the same thing to a prospect. I get people that reach out to me all the time with questions.
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