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Learn How to Generate Leads
If you are involved in the business of Network Marketing chances are the topic of lead generation is a critical one. With an abundance of MLM leads you business will flourish, without you will wither and die. My goal is to be able to assist you as much towards MLM success by showing you ways to effectively generate leads from a variety of methods all resulting in a steady flow of highly targeted, fresh leads on a daily basis.

0:58 Network Marketing Lead Source #1 – Three Foot Rule. This is where as a distributor your job is to talk to anyone and everyone that comes within three feet of your. Lets face it this would be your doctor, waiter, gas meter reader, kid’s school teacher and on and on. The concept here is to get the business in front of enough people some will join. Problem with it is that it simply does not work well for most people and it puts a tremendous amount of pressure on the MLM rep.

1:43 Network Marketing Lead Source #2 – Buy Leads. If you have been in the business for a while it will only be a matter of time before you exhaust your warm market list. At this point your upline will probably tell you to purchase some leads and build a business like that. This is what I did for three months solid and it cost me a lot of money on lead lists and auto dialers. I can tell you first hand that this is very difficult for the average MLM distributor to do. Nobody signed up for the business of their dreams to become a telemarketer. What the Lead Vendors don’t tell you is that almost all of the leads were generated from online forms for “opportunity seekers” or fake “work from home” deals. In many cases those who filled out the forms were given some sort of incentive. They don’t have the slightest interest in investing in your MLM company. Save yourself the aggravation right now and forget this method.

3:10 Network Marketing Lead Source #3 – Generate Your Own Leads. This is by far the best way to work with leads – hands down, bottom line. You need to learn how to begin attracting leads to you that are actually interested in what you are promoting. There is a learning curve and element of time before you get this right but once you do then the leads will be coming in on a daily basis that are targeted and best of all free. The headache factor is totally gone and your business begins to run on auto pilot.

To get more information on how to achieve the free leads online for your business you need to click on the link below and watch a brief but awesome presentation about how this can work for you. Don’t listen to your upline, make the decision to be a leader today and turn your business around.

Learn How to Generate Leads

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