Network Marketing Leads / The Truth about Buying Leads

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Network Marketing Leads / The Truth about Buying Leads

Network marketing leads are import for you business to survive. There a a few ways to to go about getting leads. You can ask family and friends. You should know by doing this you could make them mad at you. Most families or friends will not be interested.

You could go down to the convenient store and talk to everybody that comes in and out, you could go down to the mall or grocery store and annoy the people there. Because that’s exactly what you will do by using this method called the 3 Foot rule. This method means that you talk to anybody and everybody about your opportunity that comes with in 3 feet of you. NOT a effective method of getting leads.

Another method you can use is to buy leads. This can become extremely expensive and is ineffective. Because the leads you purchase you have no idea where they are coming from. The people could have exchange their name and e-mail to get a free book,music CD or cookware. Lead vendors will tell you that they are hot leads but do not trust them.

The best way to get network marketing leads is by using the internet. I use social media markets like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Along with this lead generation system I use, I am able to generate up to 25 plus leads per day.

This marketing system not only teaches all the marketing strategies it also gives you lead capture pages that you can put to use in your marketing campaign that the system will show you how to do.

If this is something you think you are interested in than click on this link now and watch the video.

Network Marketing Leads

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