Network Marketing Leads – How To Generate Leads Online

network marketing

Ever feel like you’ve ran out of people to talk to about your business or opportunity? I think we all have – the warm market has gone stale and there’s no where to turn except for calling the same people back again or finding someone new. Network marketing leads can come from a variety of ways. You can ask for referrals, buy lead lists, or just learn how to generate leads online. And that’s by far my favorite option.

In my opinion lead generation is essential to have a constantly growing business and it should be you generating those leads – not someone you’re buying them from. In fact, when you generate leads online I highly suggest that you brand yourself throughout the entire process. It’s an awesome feeling when you call a prospect and they actually remember who you are because they watched your video or read something you wrote.

Build A Network Marketing Lead List

When you get started in network marketing, you’re told to make a list of all your contacts. When you get started online, you’re in essence going to constantly be building a new list of contacts. A service like AWeber will help you build that list of network marketing leads and allow you to follow-up via email to them.

But Where Do You Get Leads?

To generate leads online you need to figure out where people hang out. Quick question: What’s the #1 & #2 most visited websites? The answer is Google & Facebook. My suggestion is to have a social media presence and connect with people. Also, since Google is the most trafficked website – it might be a good idea to show up in the results when someone searches for what you have to offer.

How many network marketing leads per day do you think would help you build a large business? For most people, 10-20/day would be amazing and could change the course of their business. When you learn how to generate leads online, you can instantly create more of a brand for yourself and grow your business more rapidly. Find a strategy that works for you, your personality, & budget and stick with it!

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