Network Marketing Leads – How to Choose Hashtags for Instagram

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How to choose hashtags to help grow your business on Instagram.

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When using Instagram, you may have noticed that you can pick quite a few hashtags to help get your brand out there. However, what might be good choices for this hashtags to get you the most exposure within your target market?

What I am going to share with you is a tip that I picked up from one of my mentors Robin Smith.

For half of your hashtags, choose words that describe your business and what it is that you do. For example, if you are in the Health and Wellness sector, you might use # naturalhealthproducts or, if you have a classic car garage, you might use # classiccarrepair. These are words that your target market might type in to the search bar when looking for what it is that you provide.

With the other half of your hashtags, use words that describe your ideal customer or prospect. Going back to the health and wellness example, hashtags like # healthfreak or fitnessfreak could be good ones. And with the classic car garage, you might choose # classiccarenthusiast or classiccarowner. Use words and phases that you would expect your target market to be putting in their own pictures.

In summary, when choosing your hashtags, use half to describe your business and half to describe your target market.

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