Network Marketing Leads – How Feeder Content Helps Get Eyes On Your Main Blog

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One thing that can help to generate network marketing leads and to then communicate with those leads, is to use feeder content to get eyes on to your main posts of value (community content)

But what are feeder and community content? And where do you use them?

Community content is going to be your main blog post for the day. It’s going to be that one bigger article that you want to post that provides value to your community and to any network marketing leads. For example, this video and blog are my community content. This will normally be placed in your central hub, whether that is a Facebook community group or your main blog site. Your central hub being that one place where you would like all your network marketing leads to be captured.

Feeder content is that bit of content that directs network marketing leads to your community content. The idea being that people will see an enticing post and want to investigate further. This post will be small, either a sentence or snippet, that leads network marketing leads to the bigger community content. The feeder content can go anywhere other than where the community content is (there’s no point feeding in there because the people are already there :-)). You could use email, twitter, your normal Facebook profile, a Facebook page, Instagram, Snapchat, where ever you desire. What I would recommend for beginners though, is that you concentrate on one area of social media to be used as feeder content before moving on to another. For example, for this post, I may use twitter to feed network marketing leads to my Facebook community by tweeting something like ‘Are you looking for ways to get your social media leads collected in one place? Check out my video at (community link) to get some answers’ As you can see, the feeder content is short and sweet and attention grabbing.

As you can see, using a combination of feeder and community content is a great way to generate more network marketing leads. And, as a double bonus, it helps keep those leads in one place so you can get more value in front of them so that they can get to know, like and trust you.

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