Network Marketing Leads – Buy Them or Generate Your Own?

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Network Marketing Leads – Buy Them or Generate Your Own
 Hey what’s happening everyone, this is Eddie Harvey here from Hey Networking marketing leads should you buy them or should you generate your own. Alright so that’s something that can go either way depending on who you’re talking to I’m in a mindset of that you should generate your own network marketing leads.
Network Marketing Leads – Solo Ads
Okay you can definitely go out there and buy let’s even say Solo Ads, Solo Ads are not truly specific network marketing leads, there are leads for people who are you know obviously maybe just pretty the most part who are looking open to make money opportunities and let’s just say if you do use Solo Ads you going to have to spend a lot of time and go through a lot of leas to get some results. And can you get results with Solo Ads absolutely, there are people who crush it and kill it with Solo Ads every single day but in my opinion with Solo Ads guys you need to have a very big budget or a nice size budget that you can continuously dedicate every week or even every day whatever it is that you’re doing in order to get a lot of traction rolling with Solo Ads but there are quality vendors out there for sure. 

Network Marketing Leads – Buyer Leads
Alright and also you have other leads you know buyer leads where you have the leads where you have people where they fill out long form leads or telephone dial leads, these are lead you can definitely call. Again here are people who are open to opportunities, open to making money they might not even know what network marketing is but you can work with those as well and get results from those. It’s the same thing you got to be consistent, anything you do you got to be consistent in.

Network Marketing Leads – Generate Your Own
So I’m of the essence that if you are able to attract leads to you, if you’re able to generate leads that way for your networking marketing business, you’re going to come out better because now these are people who are going to be hunting you down and make you the hunted instead of the hunter and wanting to know more information about your company, your product opportunity because they saw value in you. They began to know, like and trust, you, established a relationship with you to grow and make things happen, so that’s where I am at. So let me give you a few places that you can start generating network marketing leads, Alright? 
Network Marketing Leads – Generate Them With Social Media
So, when you talk about the online space guys you can utilize so many different platforms. Obviously if you’re going to utilize a platform online in my opinion you should focus on one strategy until you start generating five to ten leads per day with that strategy. Become a master of that strategy okay, Bruce Lee said I fear the man who practices, I fear not the man who practices 10,000 kicks one time but the man who practices 1 kick 10,000 times.

So find something whatever resonates with you the most, what strategy pulls you in and learn and master that strategy. It could be video marketing, it could be Facebook, it could be Twitter, whatever it may be it could even like I said it can even be Solo Ads, it can be paid ads with Facebook whatever it may be but find a strategy and learn that strategy and then start getting new leads consistently from that strategy and build a relationship with that lead base through having them go to a capture page and that would be getting on your list. Alright so that’s one way you could do it obviously it’s through social media. 

Network Marketing Leads – Generate Them Offline
Another way you can start generating leads for yourself guys is there’s so many different ways, so could go offline and let’s say if you do go offline guys you can utilize postcards and then when you make those postcards you can now have people going back to a lead capture page. You could go to networking events and collect postcards and now follow up with people that way and now you know once you get them on the phone you can then go from there as far as if you want to send them to a capture page and possibly meet face to face with them if they are open. So there’s so many different angles that you can go as far as with generating your own high quality leads.

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2:09 – Network Marketing Leads – Where To Generate Your Own

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