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Network Marketing Leads-Are you super, super frustrated with trying to come up with new ways to generate leads for you business?

Well, if that’s you then relax not to worry because in this video, I am going to share with you 3 ways that you can come up with more leads for your business offline.

Here’s the thing with lead generation, sometimes you are going to have to get creative and think a little bit outside of the box if you really want a jump start and see a new flow of prospects knocking on your door who are interested in your business.

So, these 3 ideas that I have are really great ways for you to connect with people in your community. The first one is there is this really, really great website called The great thing about meetups is that they are all over the place. So every community has meetups. So you can either join the meetup and go meet people at the meet up and meet new people there. But even better than that is hosting your own meet up. Come up with an idea to host a meet up in your community and offer some kind of value…offer a training session. Maybe you know some marketing strategies or maybe your own skill. You can have your own meet up and invite people who will be interested in learning from you…so it’s kind of a teaching session.

In addition to that, you’ve got new people there that will sign your mailing list, or you can get their business cards and you can follow up with them the next day. So you’re offering value, they already know who you are so when you call them and connect with them you already have a bit of rapport and they already like you because you have shared something that is going to help them with their business.

Network Marketing Leads:

Another great thing that I love is going to fundraisers. I was just at this fundraiser not too long ago benefitting elderly people, and it was champagne tasting with chocolate tasting. Not only are those 2 of my favorite combinations, and then charity of course, but they had people from all walks of life who are also interested in helping and serving the community. So you are getting people that are cool that you want to hang out with. So, go to as many fundraisers as you can. Not only are you going to be supporting various causes that are important to you, pick things that you like, but you’ll meet new people in the community who you will follow up with the next day. You’ve got stuff in common and you can build a relationship with them and see if they may be a good fit for your business or your opportunity.

And then finally, dropcards. Now this is really fun. Drop cards are like little business cards that look like dollar bills and you can get them in ones or hundreds. And you can stick them places. I found one one time in the bathroom stall. You can go to the library and plug them in books that would apply to your area or field. So, if you are in business, you might want to put them in some great business books. And when people open them when they get home and the drop card falls out it’s like a dollar bill…there’s your information. And it sparks ways for people to find you that are fun and creative and are social and also helps you connect with people that you are looking for.

So those are 3 great strategies to help you build your business and help you get more leads online or offline.

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