Network Marketing Leads → Are You Taking Advantage Of Birthdays

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Title – Network Marketing Leads → Are You Taking Advantage Of Birthdays

Today I want to talk to you about something really really special.

How would you like to re-engage everyone on your friends list at least 1 time a year?

Well, today I am going to teach you 1 very simple strategy to do just that.

Network Marketing Leads → (make H2 headline)

I want to let you know that leads in network marketing can be so much easier than you think.

Ya know when Facebook tells you about birthdays of your friends?

Do you reach out to them? Yup, I didn’t either before.

Here is a way that you can touch absolutely EVERYONE on your friends list at least once a year.

BTW. This is something I learned from Felicia Mupo – she is absolutely amazing when it comes to networking!

So, first just send them a message (private) that says something like.

Happy happy birthday! Hope you have the best day ever! Btw. What have you been up to?

It open’s the conversation to see if they are unhappy to peek interest about your company or affiliate stuff. This is a huge deal guys.

Network marketing leads don’t have to be hard. I promise you that. Start using birthdays!

If you want to know exactly how the conversation goes even to the phone. Check out my blueprint on EXACTLY how I have recruited 80 plus into my company.


Here is a video all about network marketing leads and birthdays — ENJOY!

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