Network Marketing Lead Generation – The Funded Proposal Concept

network marketing Network Marketing Lead Generation – The Funded Proposal Concept

Network marketing lead generation comes in many forms.

In the beginning you will be talking to your family and friends. Connecting with the people who you know already and letting them know about your new network marketing business.

If you are serious about building your network marketing business then prospecting and showing presentations to people is your main goal. This should take up 80% or more of your time.

Here is where it gets challenging. What happens after you have talked o all your family, friends, co-workers and everyone else you know?

How do you make more connections with people who want to build a business like you?

This is where you enter the world of…..

Network Marketing Lead Generation — The Online World

You do what many others have done before you. You come online to learn and discover network marketing lead generation.

This is how the top earners do it now.

Years ago the top earners in companies built huge down lines by either holding hotel meeting, going one on one belly to belly with prospects or they brought huge teams with them when they joined a new company.

Some of the top earners still today do network marketing lead generation the “old” fashioned way. They connect with people one on one and direct them to a presentation. Then they collect a decision.

This works and it is the way many top earners built their businesses.

The online world has many advantages over other forms of network marketing lead generation.

It allows you to use the leverage of the internet to connect with more people, get more presentations presented and collect those decisions.

There are only 3 things you need to do to build a very successful network marketing business. They all involve network marketing lead generation whether offline or online.

Connect with lots of people.

Get lots of people in front of a presentation and

Collect a decision from them.

That’s all there is to it. Do this on a big enough scale and you can build a very profitable network marketing business.

Network Marketing Lead Generation — The Funded Proposal

When you come online to learn network marketing lead generation you will find that the principles are the same, it is just the methods are different.

Offline network marketing lead generation is when you connect with people and you get their contact information like a business card or just their name and phone number.

With online network marketing lead generation you use something called a Funded Proposal. What this does is allow you to get paid to market to people.

You lead with an inexpensive product like an ebook, report or training course. You get paid up front and then you can market your business opportunity to them through your emails.

Here is how it works.

You have what’s called a capture page that you market and promote to gather your prospects information. That information then goes into your autoresponder. This is a device that allows you to communicate with thousands of people all at once by email.

In that capture page you have some sort of value you offer in exchange for the prospects name and email.

You then direct them to a presentation automatically through your capture page or in your follow up emails.

This is how you can get a presentation in front of hundreds or thousands of people at the same time.

You market this through various marketing strategies and you will have presentations taking place 24/7 365 days a year. All on auto pilot.

Network Marketing Lead Generation — Getting Started Online

You have read this far and now you want to know how to get started with your own network marketing lead generation like I described above.

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