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Ever Wonder about Network Marketing Lead Generation? Ever Wonder if you can do it? I am here to tell you that you can do it… Here are a couple tips about network marketing lead generation.

So here is the deal. #1 with network marketing lead generation is always and will always be value. LEARN – DO – TEACH. You will see me always always learning stuff and teaching you guys. Because if I don’t you won’t want to follow me. So always put out valuable content and continue to learn! So you can teach more stuff. After that you always need to have your content seen by people who want your stuff. If it is never seen, you obliviously never want to go through the work of making it happen if people are never going to see or network marketing lead generation is a waste of time.

Network Marketing Lead Generation – All about VALUE….

Value rains king. The person who brings the best value over the long haul will always rain king. You need to over value2deliver with value at all times. You need to always be giving others massive value that solves their problems. You always need to be learning new stuff, buying new courses, going to new events to teach your audience more about network marketing lead generation along with other things as well.

But what do I talk about

Its really simple. You think of your “target market”. What problems do they have? Answer those problems. Here are a couple idea’s for you.

1. Talk about what you learned at an event that you go to.

2. You come to my webinar tomorrow – REGISTER HERE – and teach on stuff you saw me teach on and put your spin on it.

3. Buy a coaching course on anything, go through it and teach what you learn.

4. Talk about a problem you run into when recruiting. If your in the trenches, there will never be a time where you will run out of things to talk about with network marketing lead generation.

Network Marketing Lead Generation | People have got to see what you do – Here is my traffic formula

So here is my traffic formula for network marketing lead generation after you have quality content. You have got to get people to see what you do and to rank in the search engines. Here is how you do that.

1. Keyword Research – critically important – if people are not searching for your keyword, then nobody will find you – just google – “google keyword tool” – always have your article 2% – 3% keyword density.

Note: If your looking for a step by step to start ranking video’s and getting leads from youtube…. CLICK HERE NOW – These guys have created 20,000 leads through youtube and they haven’t stopped. I highly encourage you to pick this up if you want to get better at network marketing lead generation – CLICK HERE

2. Submit your content to social media. Submit it to Facebook, twitter, pinterest, take a picture of it and put it on instagram. You should always be building all of your social media mediums. Putting value out there every day will help you attract more people to you for sure! And it will help you rank as well!

Note: you can use a service called hootsuite for free to schedule your posts and post in all spots at once.

3. Tribe Pro – This is a great way to get your content shared a bunch of times. Everyone shares each other’s stuff which allows you to get backlinks to rank in the search engines higher. On top of that, is a service which will share your content to 50 different social media sites – this builds a backlink platform for you. Powerful!

4. I submit it to social monkey. Very cheap, easy way to build backlinks as well. I use this service each and everyday. Very easy and cheap. And it works!

5. I submit it to Rank and Stick – What this allows you to do is build backlinks on autopilot. No need to worry about all the techy stuff of building backlinks. All you have to do is submit your URL and keyword. so simple.

6. I use 1 other thing. Nothing with submitting content, but with your social media platforms. Its called audience builder and what it does is allows you to backlink on autopilot what happens on your facebook fan page, pinterest and youtube. That way more people can find you and what you are doing. Very cheap and its a set it and forget it type of deal.

My hope is that this didn’t confuse you when it comes to network marketing lead generation. My hope is that it shed some light on it for sure! Want more detailed answers – Call me – 406-366-9280

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