Network Marketing Lead Generation – 5 Things You Must Have

network marketing – Looking for network marketing lead generation strategies? Here’s 5 things you must have!

How Do You Do Network Marketing Lead Generation?

If you’re wondering how you should do network marketing lead generation, the best way to do it is to combine offline and online methods. After all, networking market, or networking as it is called, started way before the Internet, so you really can’t do away with offline promotion. Before we get into the meat of how to do network marketing lead generation, let’s networking.

It may not sound sound sexy, but networking is something that has made people a lot of money. Think Amway and Avon. Because of its networking structure, the pioneer marketers of these companies are making millions of dollars every year. There are two ways to make money. One is through volume sales of the company’s products and two is to recruit people and earn overriding commissions from their sales.

If you’ve done any sales and marketing work, you already know that it’s a brutal job and you can get depressed from the many rejections you get before closing a sale. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Through your recruits, you can have other people doing the dirty job for you. These recruits, when they are still not recruited into the system, are called leads.

Now if you want to generate a lot of leads, you have to meet people everyday. Start with your hot leads or the people in your closest circle because these are the people who will most likely buy from you, either because they love you or they like you. These people include your family, friends and co-workers, as well as people you come in contact with through different organizations. When you meet with these people, make sure to ask for the names and contact numbers of people in their circle who might be interested in your offer. And when you meet these people, ask for the names and contact numbers of the people in their circle… And it goes on. You get the idea.

Another way to generate leads is by setting up a website and optimizing it for search engine results through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or placing ads on Facebook or Google Adwords. You could also get leads from Facebook groups.

How do you recruit people online? A good way is to take a look at your product and see what hair-on-fire problems it solves. With an urgent problem, people are more likely to buy and listen to your network marketing offer. Once you know what your market’s hot buttons are, write good copy and put it on your website. Promote your website. We already stated earlier that you can do SEO, or online ads to promote your website so that you generate leads.

Whether you’re only starting or are fairly experienced, you can always benefit from coaching. Most networking companies have in-house coaches dedicated to helping you succeed. Take advantage of this feature and regularly talk to these coaches. If not the company coaches, then at least talk to the person who recruited you.

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