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Network marketing lead generation is always a topic that causes people to hyper-ventilate! What do you do? Who should you speak to? What happens if they say no? What do you do when you run out of people to speak to?

Now, the very night you join a network marketing company, you’re told to write a list of everyone you know. This is your very first network marketing lead generation list. Now it’s your job to contact these folks to gauge their interest in whether they’re open to taking a look at your business opportunity. Some will. Some won’t. So what! So now, what do you do when you run out of people on your list?

My personal take on it is this, you can either continue to chase after your friends and family, trying to convince them that your deal is the best thing ever, or you can find a platform where people who are looking for what you have can seek you out. Where could a place like that ever exist?? Psssttt….The internet!

What?? Network marketing lead generation on the internet?? Surely you can’t be serious!!

Folks, here’s something that made the decision to focus the bulk of my network marketing lead generation online. Leverage! Leveraging the intrinsic power internet just makes sense. What did you get into the home based business industry for anyway? To pester the people you know, beg people to show up at hotel meetings several times per week, and travel to the different areas that your team is located? Of course not, you want the TIME FREEDOM that the success of this business promises.

Well, here are 3 necessary components to taking your network marketing lead generation online and having success doing so.

First and foremost, you need to have an exciting offer. Something that will draw in your target audience. Now for a lot of marketers, this is where we take a hard left and gum up the works a bit. Burn this into your brain; no matter how great your product or service is, its not what you want to lead with. Get into the head of your prospect. What are their wants? What’s their problem that they need to have a solution for? This is what you must center your network marketing lead generation offer around.

Next, your going to have to have a method of capturing their contact information, and writing it down on a napkin, or the back of a business card isn’t possible in an online format. So, you must have a capture page for your network marketing lead generation. A capture page will enable you to collect their name and email so you can contact and follow up with them in your network marketing lead generation follow up strategy.

This leads me to the third component for network marketing lead generation online, and that is an autoresponder. An autoresponder is an email follow up service that allows you to keep in touch via email with your prospective customer or new distributor once they opt in, or register on your capture page. You can preset a series of follow up messages, or send out broadcast messages to provide training, high value information, as well as market to them. The great thing about using an autoresponder in your online network marketing lead generation strategy is that you have the ability to develop a know, like, trust relationship with your subscriber which is very important in your network marketing lead generation efforts, and will be the key in maintaining a business relationship with them going forward.

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