Network Marketing Help: Use This Trick To Control The Conversation & Convert Prospects

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Short video describes a technique that can help you control the conversation when talking with a prospect for your business.

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One of the primary areas where network marketing help is needed is the area of how to talk with someone who is a prospect for your business. This seems to terrify many people.
There is a technique that can help you control the conversation, and lead your prospective business partner from doubt to decision. If you can master this technique, you will never be afraid to talk with anyone, anytime, anywhere, about anything.

This technique involves the use of questions. I have said on many of my videos that knowing what questions to ask and how to ask them, is a huge network marketing help. Using questions can help you control the conversation, and when you are in control of the conversation it is easier to guide someone to making a decision.

The technique is simple but takes a lot of practice to master. When a prospect asks you a question, you will
1. answer the question
2. immediately ask the prospect a question, with no pause between your answer and your question.
Be sure NOT to answer their question with a question. Aside from being just plain rude, answering a question with a question will often irritate your prospect. So be sure to answer the question they have asked. Then ask them a question right away. If they are constantly answering your questions, they won’t be able to come up with a question for you that could get you totally off track.

For example, they ask, “Does this Wizzygoo Wizard Juice come in flavors?” You answer, “Yes, it comes in grape, orange, strawberry and lemon. Which of those shall we order in your startup package?”

They ask, “Does drinking this juice help with arthritis?” You answer, “Many people have experienced improvement in all sorts of body pain. Tell me who you know with arthritis that could benefit from drinking this juice?”

This technique is very empowering and will give you confidence. However, it does not come naturally and you will need to practice. So I suggest practicing at home, at work and everywhere.

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