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Network marketing advertising has changed considerably over the years. No longer do you have to sift through poorly qualified purchased leads. It is better to generate your own leads using network marketing advertising strategies that work.

Do your research into how to go about using the strategies I talk about in this video and then select just one strategy. It’s a good idea to get an overall feel of how everything works but it’s a bad idea to try to make them all work at the same time. So selecting one method and putting all your energy an focus into that one method will increase your chances of success much sooner than will dabbling with many strategies at the same time.

When you select your strategy research as much information as you can about that strategy, how do you get traffic? How do you find the right traffic? How can you out source some of the tedious work so you can focus on the more important roles?

In network marketing advertising it’s a good idea to buy courses on your strategy. It’s an investment, there’s no point in reinventing the wheel, you can follow the instructions from someone who has been there before by taking a course.

In network marketing advertising it’s also a good idea to buy tools on your strategy. A builder needs to buy a hammer, an internet marketer needs to buy seo tools to rank content on Google. It’s that simple.

Where do you go to buy courses and tools?

Well usually a course will have recommended tools within it. To buy the best courses check out this free presentation given by a network marketing training academy.

0:38 – Network Marketing Advertising Tip #1: Choose 1 method and master it!

0:51 – Network Marketing Advertising Tip #2: The first two are your paid methods

1:00 – Network Marketing Advertising Tip #3: Self employment job boards, do a
google search for some goodies you can even find some free one’s floating around

1:49 – Network Marketing Advertising Tip #4: Pay per click marketing on Google,
Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, You Tube. Purchase Perry Marshall’s Ultimate Guide to
Google Adwords before diving into Google PPC

3:17 – Network Marketing Advertising Tip #5: Video marketing. Do keyword research
first and optimise you video to target a particular audience. Give value and
solve problems

4:52 – Network Marketing Advertising Tip #6: Blogging. Be patient, takes a bit of
time but if you’re persistent and do proper keyword research for your posts then
this is a powerful strategy as well.

5:26 – Network Marketing Advertising Tip #7: Article writing. Do a search for
article submission sites and submit articles

Network Marketing Advertising Tip #8: The world of internet advertising is
in a constant state of change and evolution, it’s important to stay up to date.
Where can you go to receive the latest and greatest training?

Right here:

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