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http://www.stoptherejection.com is learning how to do network marketing like the big dogs. The biggest reason for failure in network marketing is fear of getting rejected. People don’t know how to have confidence in dealing with prospects. And because they don’t know what to say, they come off as being desperate. No one want to go into business with some who doesn’t know how to have posture

Buying network marketing leads, that have been generated for a certain opportunity, are worthless. The more you know how to overcome objections and deal with prospects lame excuses, you can learn to be a Network Marketing Rockstar.

Learn how to never be rejected again when calling prospects. Mike Dillard has put together what I consider to be the most powerful recruiting tool in network marketing history. Black Belt Recruiting is just that a kick butt, take no names method of prospecting.

Black Belt Recruiting teaches you EVERY THING you need to know to become a huge and successful network marketer. Most people come into marketing and the expect to know how to do it right out of the gate. They need to treat their home base business, the same if it was a corporate job. They need to educate themselves and develop the necessary skills to over come anything that stands in the way of their success.

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