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It is time to generate your wowTARGETED LEADS! If you want to build an organization and large downline, you have to understand the concept and principle of “attraction marketing” by leading with value. You will become that person that leads and changes people’s lives. You will become the leader that people will start following. It’s time to become a person being “hunted” instead of being the “hunter”. You will never run out of people to talk to. Just focus on value….

My thought on Network Marketing, it is a Profession… and a job! But I personally think it is the most difficult job on planet earth! And yet, very rewarding once you build that organization! Because basically, it is more on building relations and trusts among people. Bringing values first before you gain trust and eventually, gain business!

I am going to share to you different strategies that I don’t do to generate leads for my primary MLM or Network Marketing Business. Chasing your friends and family is not the only option… or as if you will be living in an island, alone! Because everyone close to you will start avoiding you.

So these are the stuff I don’t do, even if my Upline told me to do so
1. Cold Calling
2. Chasing Friends and Family
3. Hosting Home Parties
4. Paid Print Ads
5. Go to weekly meetings

Now here’s the thing, do you know that lead generation is a skill that we need to develop? Have you heard of Attraction Marketing?

For me, attraction marketing is one that brings value to the marketplace, leverage the internet and offline by teaching people and providing them solutions to their problem. Solutions to their pain – the pain of struggle growing their business! And as I was saying – this require a skill. You need to learn how to bring value to people and be an attractive marketer. By practicing this, you can create relationship. It’s really all about relationship building.

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