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Network Marketing Prospecting can go one of 2 ways, it can go very well or it can be very embarrassing leaving us deflated and insecure to keep moving forward.

In today’s episode I’m going to show you how to prospect in a way that’s going to help get you excited to do it over and over again.
Network Marketing Prospecting Questions

When you’re prospecting for business, online or offline, ASKING QUESTIONS is KEY! Questions get your prospect really intrigued to learn more about your product, service, or opportunity instead of repelling them away from the process.

I speak from total experience being in Network Marketing since 2009 where we’ve created a lot of success. We’re the Top Recruiters in our company and what I’ve learned talking to a lot of people is that it’s never about US – it’s ALWAYS, 100% all about our prospects.

Once we understand this inside our business, we’re going to create a lot more results with a lot less resistance in our prospecting strategies.

Using lines like, “You’d be really great at what I do” or “I think you’d love what I am doing” causes a lot of resistance. These make the conversation about you instead of genuinely finding out how your product, service, or opportunity can benefit your prospect.

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