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MLM and Network Marketing: 7 Tips to Get You Started

Multi-Level Marketing is a strategy where the sales person is compensated for the sales they generate themselves along with the sales generated by other people they have recruited. Some other terms that is often used in reference to MLM include network marketing, pyramid selling and referral marketing. There are so many individuals who choose network marketing as their career only to find that they are not making any money. Do you know why they are not making any money? Because they just jumped right into the game and didn’t try to learn the field before they played it. In the paragraphs below, we are going to lend you a helping hand by giving you seven MLM tips.

MLM Tip Number One: Spending Money on Inventory that is Priced High

There are various plans out there that ask distributors to spend a great deal of money on high-priced inventory. Individuals who would like to be successful in their journey are encouraged to research the company before they “invest” in it. If a plan is asking for a large amount of money, the distributor should automatically beware of them.

MLM tip Number Two: Beware of Plans Claiming You’ll Make More Money Through the Growth of Your “Downline.”

The growth of your “downline” is referring to those individuals you have recruited. Went a plan claims that you will make more money through the growth of your downline than you would through the sales you make on your own, the red flag should automatically go up. The truth is, while you will make money from the individuals you recruit, you should be making more money through the sales you make on your own.

MLM tip Number Three: Contracts

An individual should never pay or sign a contract during a meeting often referred to as an “opportunity meeting” or during any other situation where there is a large amount of pressure. When it comes to contracts and signing papers, individuals should be encouraged to take time to think about what they are doing. Feel free to talk it over with an accountant, a lawyer, a friend or a spouse. Never sign a contract, without first taking time to think of it.

MLM Tip Number Four: Look Closely at the Company

If you have an attorney or an accountant, ask them to get a credit history report and a Dun & Bradstreet report. You may also want to take some time to do a litigation search. Check with the states Better Business Bureau as well. The trick here is to take a close look at the company before you move forward or invest any money in it.

MLM Tip Number Five: Look Closely at the Product

MLM Tip Number Six: Have Knowledge on the Product

MLM Tip Number Seven: Find a REAL Company

There are a large amount of online network marketing home based businesses, but only a handful of them are legit. It is your job to make sure you find a real company. You need to find a company that isn’t just putting focus towards network marketing. A good company would also be focusing on Internet marketing in general.

Success in network marketing depends on:
Sales conversion
Relationship building
Lead generation
Ongoing consumption
Motivation and training

If you do not recognize the important of these network marketing plans, then you are not going to have a whole lot of business. It all begins with lead generation and recruiting. Simply put, when you have no leads, you are going to have just as many sales (none). Making no sales means you have no downline and that means …well, we are sure you get what we are trying to tell you here. This entire network marketing process has been constructed upon the idea of recruiting and relationship building with the intentions of maximizing the products consumption.
Make a Good Amount of Money

Any individual, as long as they have the knowledge and motivation, is able to make a large amount of money (may bring in a full-time income) with an MLM network marketing company. Of course, if you expect to get rich over night, you are going to be disappointed on more than one level. Owning your own business and making a large amount of money takes a large amount of time, a lot of commitment and a great deal of work. As long as you make the commitment, you will eventually experience the true success that MLM marketing has to offer.

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