MLM Techniques / Secret MLM Techniques To Own The Internet

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MLM techniques have now changed ever since the dawn of the internet age. No longer do you
have to chase people and “pitch” your opportunity. No longer do you have to door knock or cold call. These are ancient mlm techniques. This video goes through the fundamental mlm techniques you can master to go from zero to hero in no time.

Prospecting is probably the most important mlm technique to master. Prospecting comes down to having great communication and leadership skills. Prospecting is all about positioning. Your prospect should know by the end of the call who is the leader and that you are a person of high authority and value. A person who can help them get what they want in life.

Other mlm techniques include online marketing. Lead generation is crucial to success in mlm. Without lot’s of leads flowing in your business just can’t be sustained. Lead prosperity leads to prosperity. In this video I go through the two crucial mlm techniques to master when it comes to lead generation. attraction marketing and the funded proposal.

You can have all the leads in the world but if you don’t know how to close them or communicate effectively with them then your business growth will suffer. That’s why I have included a link to a free webinar on prospecting. Take out your note pad for this one as there will be plenty of golden nuggets here for you. Here is the link:

Why are mlm techniques like cold calling and approaching your warm market not very useful. Well these mlm techniques have limitations. For example approaching your warm market can be ok in the early days of your business but there are only so many people in your network of contacts, at some point you’re going to have to branch out an expand your reach. MLM techniques like cold calling and door knocking are very time consuming and draining. They can really break your spirit in the early days and are not much fun either.

Modern day mlm techniques involve leveraging the internet. People search the internet to find a solution and if you’ve done your homework and have laid down a solid foundation you will you can place yourself in a position to solve people’s problems. Being a problem solver is another mlm technique.

0:35 – MLM Technique #1: The funded proposal concept. You can earn affiliate
commissions on the front end by promoting a generic retail product to opportunity
buyers and have your primary opportunity on the back end!

2:20 – MLM technique #2: Attraction Marketing. Establish yourself as a person
of value and leadership by mastering online marketing strategies which attract
people to you. No more chasing friends, family and purchased leads. Become the
hunted not the hunter!

Click the link above for a free webinar provided by an industry top earner. It’s
on the top 10 prospecting tips.

To your success!

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