MLM Success Tip | How to Have Endless Leads in Melaleuca

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The concept of endless leads must seem like manna from heaven to any distributor involved in Melaleuca. To have a home based business running on auto pilot with fresh, high quality leads in your inbox for anyone in the industry would be terrific and a recipe for long term network marketing success. Melaleuca is a terrific company that has been around for over twenty five years and offers high quality, natural cleaning products. “With annual sales of over 8 million, Melaleuca has been selling nontoxic, concentrated cleaning products that combine the best of science and nature for 25 years. This is from the website

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The industry of network marketing is a very tough business and the odds of success are very slim even for the brightest of distributors. As in any business you need to study the industry in general and get an understanding of what works and what doesn’t. It will take years of dedication and success but the payoff at the end with residual income and the opportunity to work anywhere in the world from the location of your choice.

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The networking industry has served me very well and I have five years experience at the top earning terrific cash and having wonderful experiences. To be successful in Melaleuca you are going to have to study and apply proven techniques. To be at the very top of the company and earn as much as the top rep in Melaleuca Rafael Rojas does at 0,000 per month is going to be difficult. The three tips that I will share with you today will help immensely.

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Tip #1 — Study what the leaders are doing: This should be basic as one of my rules of thumb is to find out who is successful in the field that you choose and study them closely. Get a list of the top ten distributors and go to their blogs, facebook fan page, twitter and youtube pages. Learn as much as you can about how they reached the high ranks of their companies. It is amazing how unique the network marketing industry is by so many willing to give away their “secret success formulas” to anyone wishing to copy the steps.


Tip #2 – Go to the Big Events: Every year the company has a massive annual event where all the leaders get together to celebrate the growth of the company, unveil new products and to socialize with each other. By going to these events you will be broadcasting your level of intent to those around you. By bringing team members your business will grow by leaps and bounds. Motivation will be high and long term success will be clearer to all.

Tip #3 – Get Comfortable on the Phone: As much as the internet has helped the industry the bottom line is this is a people talking to people business. There is so much to say about the products and opportunity and it needs to be said clearly to prospects mainly by following up with them on a phone call. This part of networking will be instrumental to your personally sponsored reps and the team in general.

As good as these three tips are they will not get you to the promised land on their own. The number one problem faced by 99% of network marketers is a lack of leads. Without leads coming in on a daily basis your business will die. You cannot build long term success in MLM by calling on friends, family and strangers. You have to be able to have 14-25 leads daily coming into your email. For this to occur you will need a lead generation system and you need it now. Click on the link below to watch a five minute video that solves the problem. It is working great for me and I can show you how to set it up the same. This video will change everything and accelerate your Melaleuca business straight towards success.


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