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Seeking killer Prospecting Tips for your network marketing business?

Prospecting Tips

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Are you tired of chasing friends and family to join your deal?

Or maybe you’ve hit a brick wall in building your business.

It happens to the best of us and every successful network marketer was not born that way,

they just got better and never quit.

Maybe your new to network marketing and have no idea how to do prospecting in network marketing.

The simplest terms I can put it in is like a gold miner who is searching for that nugget of gold.

In a way you are doing the same when it comes to prospecting, your seeking out that super star new distributor.

So how do you find more qualified people to talk to?

How do you find people who want to join your business?

After reading this article on Prospecting Tips For Network Marketing you will a good idea where to start.

Prospecting Tips To Finding High Caliber Prospects

I’ve prospected about every kind of person you can think of and by now I have a pretty good idea of who I don’t want to bring into my business.

It’s a silly idea that we are taught to prospect everyone.

The truth is that not everyone is cut out to be in network marketing, they are better off working their day to day JOB.

Wouldn’t you want to prospect the best and brightest versus the losers?

Successful people are the type of people you should be going after.

They already have the skills that will mesh well with network marketing and have the right mindset.

So why waste anymore time on unsuccessful people?

But every once in awhile you will find someone who is not successful but has the desire to be and that’s a different story.

You should always be actively looking for people like that and I am not saying to avoid everyone.

But back to the point of finding successful prospects.

Let’s start out with some easy prospecting tips for network marketing.

You probably know someone right now who is successful, maybe they own their own business or have a well paying career.

I know what you might be thinking.

Why would they want to do network marketing when they are successful already?

Because odds are that they are miserable working long hours not being able to spend time with family.

You never know what’s going on behind the scenes.

They might be secretly looking for another opportunity.

How would it make you feel to find out that your successful friend or relative joined your company but underneath someone else?

That is why it’s important to not overlook people you know.

So first step of these “prospecting tips for your network marketing” business is to approach successful people you know personally about your opportunity.

Once you’ve run out of your personal contacts it’s time to find more successful prospects.

Here are some easy prospecting tips to find them.

Do you collect business cards? I collect business cards everywhere I go and will call them up.
Attending networking events and meeting professionals.
Do you know any professionals on the social media sites your a member of?
Real Estate magazines and listings are a gold mine of high caliber prospects.
Put out fish bowls at local restaurants to collect business cards offering a free lunch.
Get creative!
Prospecting Tips For Network Marketing To Getting High Caliber Leads

A mentor of mine taught me to not focus all of my attention on prospecting, he said you need to balance it out.

By that he meant by learning how to market my business to find even more people to talk to.

It’s crucial to learn marketing because prospecting takes a lot of time but with marketing once it’s perfected can save you a ton of time by doing the sifting and sorting for you.

Can you find high caliber leads through marketing?

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