MLM Prospecting: What to Say When A Prospect Wants Information

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What do you say when you have someone who wants to know about your business opportunity.

When someone calls you about your business opportunity… and they want to know more information what should you say?

Your goal here is to obtain two pieces of information from your prospect.

The first is to get their email address and the second is to get their phone number.

Why would you want their email address?

The reason for obtaining their email address is so that you can send them information.

When you are talking to your prospect you don’t actually want to be talking with them for too long… because you don’t want to say too much about your network marketing business. The reason for that is that you want to let the tools do the work for you… you want to be duplicate what you do. Now if you come across like the person that knows absolutely everything, you are going to give your prospect the impression that they need to know a lot of information. Especially if they are looking at doing it as a business. What happens here is that they become overwhelmed with having to know so much, they could feel intimidated and then feel that they can’t do what you do. It puts on unwanted pressure… and they could drop off.

So ensure that you use the tools that your company provides, whether it be a video link, written information or whatever it may be… you want to duplicate yourself. When you are conversing over the phone with your prospect you are actually teaching your prospect (not that they are aware of it) that the tools are the source of the information. Your company has put these tools together so that you can duplicate what you do. If your prospect sees that you refer back to the tools, they know that they can do it too! They won’t feel that they need to know the ins and outs of everything.

The second part of this, is yes you want to get your prospect’s phone number… this is crucial! You obtain their phone number so that you can follow up with your prospect after they have viewed the information that you have sent through to them… plus you can then start to build the relationship. Remember network marketing is about building relationships.

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