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Do you qualify your list? Usually when we get started in our network marketing business, what’s the first thing they say to do? Make a list of all the people that you know, right? Some new reps may think they don’t know anyone. They do know people, but sometimes they’re thinking I don’t know anyone who I think is going to do this business. So they “pre-judge” their contacts.

As you are putting down all the names of people you know, and you’re going to your address book, the PTA roster, the soccer club, the church directory, the Rotary Club, the Junior League, the Mother’s Day out program, etc., they all need to go in one new list designated as your working “capital” for your business. The next step is you need to qualify your list. You’re going to have all different kinds of people on this list. You’re going to have people that are very successful and maybe some not so much. You will have people that are in different places in life, so to be efficient, You want to qualify your list.

These are some of the things you can use to qualify your list and start with the best people first.

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0:39 Where to place your list of leads
1:15 Who the BEST people are to start with
2:23 The mindset of Who should qualify your list at the top and who at the bottom
4:09 How to qualify your list for fastest success

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