MLM Prospecting Tips Video #1

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In mlm prospecting tips video one I go through the often under estimated but a topic that holds high importance to the prospecting process. mindset! Your mindset is your foundation. The best thing about this industry is you have access to mindset training. Successful prospecting in mlm starts with the correct state of mind.

The mlm prospecting tips I have for you in this video include the importance of having an abundance mentality. Remember this: Prospecting in mlm is a numbers game. You should have lot’s of people to speak to through your lead generation skills.

When you have lot’s of people to speak to, lot’s of people to get through, then you tend to not care about the word no. In the early days it’s easy to get discouraged when you hear the word no more than you here the word yes. But think about it this way. Every business receives more no’s than yes. It’s just a simple law of the universe. Think of a used car lot. How many people come in and just look around as opposed to people who actually buy! The trick in handling the no’s is having an abundance mentality, knowing within yourself that there are more than enough people who will say yes.

The next part to cover in mlm prospecting tips vid 1 is the interview process. This has to do with mindset as well. It’s important to understand where you’re coming from when calling your prospects, that you are interviewing your prospect. You are conducting interviews for your million dollar organisation. You’re qualifying your prospect to see if this person is the sort of person who is going to be worth spending your time and energy with coaching and getting set up in the business.

The next topic to cover in mindset in mlm prospecting tips vid 1 is What’s going through your mind when prospecting for your mlm business? Remember, abundance mentality! If this person doesn’t get it, or they think mlm is a scam, lose them. “Next please!” You don’t have to spend your time with people who don’t get it. There are plenty who do.

0:32 – mlm prospecting tips #1: The importance of an abundance mentality.
Master lead generation so you have plenty of people to talk to each day.
Take the emotion out of the results. You don’t care whether this person joins you
or not. There are plenty of people who will.

1:40 – mlm prospecting tips #2: This is your million dollar corporation and you
are interviewing your prospect to see if this person is worth your time.

2:21 – mlm prospecting tips #3: What’s going through your mind when you are
conducting your interview?

5:13 – mlm prospecting tips #4: How to disqualify someone

6:01 – mlm prospecting tips #5: Get your hands on a copy of Black Belt recruiting
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