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My MLM Prospecting Tips are a little different than most of the other ones you’ll see out there. Rather than spending a lot of time trying to be one of the 1% who are just bad ass at calling strangers and recruiting them into their business, I’d rather use an MLM Prospecting System that levels the playing field and instantly gets people seeking you out, instead of you having to chase people around for hours and hours on the phone.

I’m in no way saying you shouldn’t be talking with people, this is a relationship business, and people need to know, like, and trust you before they join your team. But with the internet, follow ups systems, and video, you can automate most of this process.

Maybe you’ll see me come out with some other MLM Prospecting Tips that talk about using the telephone at some point, but it’s unlikely because since 2003 I’ve been earning a full time income in network marketing, and I NEVER sit down and make outgoing calls to my leads. Instead I have leads emailing me requesting a call back, or calling me personally, and it’s a whole different conversation when people are seeking you out, wanting what you’re offering, instead of YOU having to sift and sort through 100’s of tire kickers just to find a few that are remotely interested.

This MLM Prospecting System hooks you up with all the tools and training resources you’ll need to set up your MLM Prospecting efforts on auto pilot, and brand you as a leader, allowing you to work smarter, and get more done in less time.

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