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0:17 Major “Aha”
0:49 The question we are all asked. “Are you in a pyramid SCHEME?”
1:16 The “9-5’ers”

Before I launch into this powerful MLM Prospecting Tip, I need to make a confession. I am guilty in the first degree of the exact same behavior as I spoke about in this video. I have been so arrogant in my 8 year career at my primary company, it’s embarrassing. I have used the fact that I’ve created a decent amount of residual income for myself so that I don’t have to work a 9-5 job, as a way of acting better and smarter than other people who have not made the same choice as me.

In my own defense however, I was completely clueless of my actions until today. After reading a post from a friend on Facebook, I knew I had to share perhaps the best MLM Prospecting Tip I’ve ever shared.

My friend is in a new MLM, she’s excited and she’s posting like a mad woman.

While reading my wall this morning, I noticed how in three brief sentences, she alienated everyone she knew with a full time job. She called them “9-5’ers” and asked them to share about their positive experiences at their jobs. It was written in such a way that one could easily feel put down by her tone.

I’m not sure why, but instead of reading and saying “Yeah, how’s that J.O.B. working for you?” I read it from the point of view of someone who is not in our profession, otherwise known as a prospect.

My MLM Prospecting Tip and “AHA moment” came when I realized that we MLM’ers say stuff like “J.O.B.” and “9-5’ers” and THEY (non mlm’ers) say stuff like, “You’re making money off your friends” and “You’re in a pyramid scheme.” Yuck. It’s the same thing.

I learned a MLM Prospecting Tip today. We ALL are out there trying to figure this stuff (life) out. Here’s the meat of the MLM Prospecting Tip: Wether we choose to be in Network Marketing or choose to make ends meet a different way, it’s exactly that, different. No one is smarter than anyone else. No one is better. We are all just out there doing the best that we can with the tools that we have.

One of my favorite parts of our profession is all the personal development that we are encouraged to do. Here’s an MLM Prospecting Tip if I ever saw one, “Don’t put people down.”

Simple right? Try it. Try not making someone wrong for saying “no” to you. Try not saying that someone “Doesn’t get it” after showing them your opportunity presentation or taking them to a home or hotel meeting. Stop acting like the world is “Us against them.”

The best MLM Prospecting Tip I gave myself today, was “Get off your high horse Denise and go make someone’s life great.” Stop using this to pretend that you have something figured out, because you don’t.

Personally, I love this profession but my most shocking MLM Prospecting Tip is LOVE YOUR RELATIONSHIPS MORE.

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