MLM Prospecting Tips: Sample Bags

network marketing This is one of my favourite MLM prospecting tips. Handing out sample bags can be a really powerful MLM prospecting tool if you tailor your samples to your prospect and if you are sure to follow up.

There are a few key ingredients to make this a really successful MLM prospecting tool.
1. Always tailor your samples to your audience.
2. Build trust and a relationship with your prospect. Even if you just talk with them about their business or their career, their interests, etc. for a few minutes. Try to establish some common ground.
3. Always follow up! Don’t just call once and leave a voice mail. Keep following up until you reach the person and they either join as a customer or a team member, or give you a definite “no”. Don’t be pushy or annoying about it. Be pleasantly persistent.
4. Success is in the numbers. Don’t just hand out 3 or 5 or 10 of these. Make as may as your budget will allow and blanket your city (but remember to keep it targeted).

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