MLM Prospecting Tips – Passive Marketing and Active Recruiting

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Passive Marketing and Active Recruiting – MLM Prospecting Tips

Have you started more marketing and less talking to prospects? Are you in hope that someone will come to you and ask to hear about you business opportunity? Do you want to make more money right now? If you have said yes to any of these questions then you especially will find value in this mlm prospecting tips video.

Many network marketers fear the word no, they also fear the thought of judgement that their friends family and warm market might pass on to them. This is where most network marketers fail and fail big, they make the switch from active recruiting to passive marketing. Marketers have this fear of being told no or being judged and most of that fear has to do with being trained wrong.

I am not saying marketing is bad, I actually think it is great and I myself do a great deal of passive marketing. If you want to make money now and be a top earner faster in your mlm company then you need to be actively recruiting. You can combine passive marketing and active recruiting but you cannot and I repeat cannot quit active recruiting. If you quit active recruiting before you have massive lead generation through your marketing you are losing valuable prospects joining your business!

Watch this video to get the full inside scoop on mlm prospecting tips and why passive marketing might be costing you lots of people joining your business.

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