MLM Prospecting Tips: How To Connect With Prospects

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These MLM prospecting tips I’m about to share will give you 3 ways to connect with your prospects, want more tips and strategies? Check out my blog at

MLM Prospecting Tips: How to Connect with Prospects

Hey what’s going ladies and gentlemen this is Eddie Harvey here from Today I want to talk to you if you’re asking a question of how to connect with prospects., alright. So I’m a share with you some MLM prospecting tips, I’m actually gonna share with you three different strategies that you can utilize to connect with prospects in your MLM business. 

MLM Prospecting Tips #1: Email
So let’s get right to it and here’s MLM prospecting tips number one, alright. The very first thing that you want to do when connecting your prospect guys, is you want to connect with them via email. Alright so if you are not getting their emails guys, you’re not creating a list you need to start doing that right away. So how you create an email marketing list? Well the very first thing you want to do guys you have to have what’s called a lead capture page. And a lead capture page is simply where you get their name and email in exchange for you giving something of value away to them, alright.

So something that’s going to entice them to put their details in for them to get unto your email marketing list. And that, that could be something that value comes in the form of a free video, a free eBook, a free report, free audio, a free sample of one of your products whatever it may be you want to be able to give them something of free and then you can collect their information, name, email, phone number whatever you want to have and now you can follow up with them. 

Now why do you want to do this is because when prospects, when you connect on prospects most are not going to buy or join you on the first go round. Will some do it? Absolutely but in most cases they’re not. They say it takes seven point of contact and that not only holds true for Network Marketing, holds true for any type of sales, direct sales industry for the most part.  Alright so what you want to be able to do is now build a relationship where they get to know, like and trust you and email is a great way for you to do that. So now you have their email address you can now utilize what is called an auto responder, follow-up with them and send them emails, value packed emails, whether it be someone getting on call, a webinar or you know again trying a product or whatever it may be, you’re inviting them to or giving them something of value, building that relationship to where they’re going to say Hmm I think I want to do business with this person or I want to join with this person in business. Alright so that’s the very first way you can do it is through email marketing. 
MLM Prospecting Tips #2: Facebook
Okay the second way that you can do it is utilizing, you might not hear this a lot but utilizing Facebook. Yes, now that they’re on your email marketing list let’s just say you’re sending them messages, they are not responding. May be you send out a message saying hey you know, send me a message back or whatever, let’s connect. You can now take their email and put it into Facebook in the top bar, the search bar, is the graph search bar that you can put your email in, you can put their email in and you can connect with them like that.

Okay, it’s a good possibility that same email that they utilize, the same email that they utilize to, what am I trying to say. The same email that they utilize to opt-in to your list is the same email the utilize to sign up to their free Facebook account. Okay if you can’t find them like that then if you got their first and last name you can use that and put that in there and once you do that that can be another way you can pull them up and now possibly connect with them on Facebook, start chatting and building a relationship that way. 
MLM Prospecting Tips #3: Phone
The third and final way guys is the old school traditional way of what’s call the telephone. Yes, utilizing the phone. Getting their phone number, phone is actually the best way to be able to connect with them because now you gonna be able to hear, they gonna be able to hear you. You can build the know, like, trust factor a lot faster because you can build that relationship via the phone, answer any questions they have right there live and from there decide if you need another follow-up call or if they gonna you know whatever, whatever the next steps to proceed for them to either join your business or buy your product. At the end of the day guys, the fortune is in the follow-up and you want to utilize these MLM prospecting tips to help you close people into your business alright. 

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3:27 – MLM Prospecting Tips #3 – Phone

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