MLM Prospecting Tips | How To Call MLM Leads

network marketing There are several stages to MLM prospecting. This video briefly describes the process undertaken to actually make the initial call to leads generated as online leads or leads acquired at networking events, social gatherings and the like.

MLM Prospecting Tip 1: Get Organized
Getting organized is critically important to prospecting network marketing leads. Make sure your notebook is by the phone so you can record details of the prospecting call. You will want to record data such as:
1. The number of dials
You need to keep track of your total effort put into contacting your leads because you need to know your success rates for all aspects of multilevel marketing prospecting.
2. The number of messages left
Keep track of the number of messages left and to whom so you can give those leads another call or maybe two. But you need to keep good records to do that.
3. The number of exposures
Your primary goal in making the first network marketing prospecting call is to get as many people as you can to see a presentation or visit a website to be exposed to your opportunity.
4. The number of follow up appointments established
You will want to set up a follow up appointment to determine whether or not they are in or out. Record these as well as the details because you will follow up at the specified time. This is probably the most important prospecting tip I can give you- Do NOT FAIL to keep your appointments.
5. The number of follow up calls/appointments completed
Record the number of calls actually completed,or the number of appointments that your leads actually kept. You must not fail to keep your word but it is not unusual for a lead to not show up. Keep track of this because you may be able to adjust your approach to ensure better success in getting leads to keep the appointments.
6. The number of “no, not open to the opportunity”
Not everyone will be open to or interested in your opportunity. That’s a reality of prospecting and multilevel marketing in general. You need to record the “nos” because everyone of them brings you closer to a “yes”.
7. The number of “yes, I am open to the opportunity”
This is really why you need to carry out the mlm prospecting process. But not all that go to your presentation will join you so you need to keep track of both “nos” and “yes’s”.
8. The number of enrollments you make.
This is the ultimate goal of your prospecting.The process should be such that people you enroll truly want what you have because it serves their needs. You need people you can help and work with.
Recording information like this is the only way you will be able to determine how many calls you have to make and what amount of overall effort do you need to put into mlm prospecting in order to enroll somebody in your business or sell them an affiliate product.
MLM Prospecting Tip 2: Prepare for the Call
Prepare a script to guide your discussion with your lead. You need to gather all the information you have on the mlm lead to help structure your call. Make note of information such as:
1. Source of the lead
2. Where located
3. Personal information.
If your lead was obtained online you may only have name, email, phone number and perhaps city or region. If you met them at a business or social function you may have more information. Have this information ready and then pick up the phone and dial.

MLM Prospecting Tip 3: Keep it short.
The key to a successful mlm prospecting call is to determine why the prospect responded to your ad and what specifically they are looking for. Your approach needs to focus on what THEY WANT and need. Learn about them by asking questions using the FORM method. Ask them about Family, Occupation, Recreational activities and What prompted them to provide their information in the first place.

You want first to either qualify or disqualify the individual as someone who is truly open to what you have to offer. You either let them go or expose them to your mlm or affiliate program. Send them to a website or video that will do the explaining for you.

MLM Prospecting Tip 4: Set Up and Keep Appointments
Here’s that key mlm prospecting tip again. You must set up a follow up call or appointment. Get a commitment to a specific date and time . Then be sure YOU keep that appointment. Your mlm prospecting and your business will come to a screeching halt if you are not super conscientious about keeping your commitments.
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