MLM Prospecting Tips: Following Up

network marketing – Proper follow up is one of the most critical MLM Prospecting Tips I can give. Without good follow up you might as well stop prospecting all together. Inviting prospects to watch a dvd, attend a company webinar or listen to an online audio is only half the job. Proper follow up is what brings the prospect in and grows your business. Here are several MLM prospecting tips to remember when following up.

MLM prospecting tip #1: Schedule your follow up. Set a specific time at your first engagement to follow up. Many marketers make the mistake of being vague with how they will follow up. Be specific and leave no doubt as to when you will next speak with your prospect.

MLM prospecting tip #2: Be on time. You feel that your time is valuable, so you must assume that everyone else feels the same way. If you schedule a specific time, which you should have according to tip #1, be sure to keep that appointment. This will demonstrate professionalism and reliability. No one wants to work with someone who isn’t professional and whom they cannot rely upon.

MLM prospecting tip #3: Schedule the next engagement or appointment. Many times prospects aren’t going to go all in on your business opportunity on the 1st or 2nd engagement. It may take 4 or 5 appointments before they are comfortable with you and your business. Make sure you schedule the next meeting before getting off the phone. This is crucial to keeping the process moving. If you leave it undone, it will drag out and you are more likely to lose their interest.

Make sure you use these 3 MLM prospecting tips and properly follow up with your prospects. It can make the difference in success and failure.

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