MLM Prospecting Tips: Finding Your Target Market

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Are you trying to prospect EVERYONE? Has your upline told you that “everyone” is your target market? Well, I’ve got to tell you, that this is a huge misconception in the network marketing industry.

If you want your message to really resonate with people, you need your target market – your audience – to be narrowly defined.

If you are trying to speak to everyone, then you will end up speaking to no one.

In the age of PVR, ad blockers, and online new sites, we are becoming more and more immune to advertising and more demanding that any ads we see speaking DIRECTLY to us.

If you want to recruit more people into your business, and find more customers, then you need to learn how to speak directly to your target market and get them to feel a connection to you, to believe that what you are offering will solve their problems, not that you are giving them some vague and general product pitch, but that you are speaking directly into their lives.

Take any other mlm prospecting tips and combine them with a laser-focused target market and you will see your business take off.

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