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MLM Prospecting Tips – Mindset

Let me ask you a question. Think about “mlm prospecting” your family and friends. How does that make you feel?

Do you immediately go into defense mode and start making all kinds of excuses like “I don’t want to bother my friends… I don’t want to pester my family… I have no friends left… I’m part of the NFL club?”

If so that’s a HUGE clue you have the wrong mindset from the start.

If you think approaching family and friends is somehow going to be taking advantage of them – then you do not understand the power of what you have your hands on. You don’t really understand the life-changing potential of your products or of having a vehicle that offers the potential to create true time and financial freedom.

If you think you are somehow bothering people – then, chances are, you are coming from a position of MAKING A SALE… and no one likes to be sold anything, do they? Of course not!

But when we find something we want, we LOVE to buy stuff. Seriously. Shopping, for many people, is one of their most precious past-times.

Conventional selling depends on systems and techniques designed to convince or persuade people into doing something YOU want them to do (buy my product… join my program) without any real regard to their actual want or need of the product or opportunity.

Expert MLM prospecting is the SEARCH FOR people who may have a sincere interest, need or want in what you have to offer before ever presenting your offer.

Notice the difference? Traditional selling can often be manipulative. You’re out to earn a commission – regardless.

Wheresas the right mindset is one of discovery. Does your prospect have a particular problem, challenge or need you have a potential solution for? If not, there is no need to present. Make sense?

Learning this distinction between “selling and prospecting” is one of the most powerful mlm prospecting tips you can embrace. It changes everything.

MLM Prospecting Tips – Marketing

Remember the dictionary definition of prospecting?

“Prospecting is the physical search for…”
Think exploration and discovery. Because when prospecting we are looking for people who have a particular problem, need or desire our products or business opportunity might be the solution for.

In order to find these people and unearth if there is a problem, need or desire – we have to ask questions. We need to engage. We need to establish a baseline relationship first. And if when we find a person who has a problem we can help solve – that still doesn’t mean they are a good prospect for your business because they might not have the time to build a business. They might not have the money to invest right now… or even the desire, really, to even solve their problem right now.

So how does marketing fit into the picture?

Traditional mlm prospecting meant buying leads and “physically searching for” prospecting by picking up the phone and dialing. It works, but it is a lot of work. Marketing would be to use a telephone broadcasting service to do the same thing.

Old-school prospecting meant approaching anyone and everyone within three feet of you, making a connection, then pouncing on them with THE QUESTION: “Well, hey… do you keep your options open to making extra money working from home?” Marketing might look like running a few business opportunity ads in the local paper or online and having people respond to the ad.

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